The Cycle Syncing Method with Michelle Walsh


Hello lovelies, I’m Michelle originally from south west Ireland but now I park myself in central London, a mum of 2 pre-schoolers, a bride to be (2021, oops now 2022) a Women’s Nutritionist & Personal trainer, and a red wine lover! I HAVE WALKED IN YOUR SHOES LADY… as a mum and a woman running a business I have to be a ninja warrior with my time and priorities. Just like you I would put myself at the end of the do list until burnout hit and a lot of mom guilt soon followed. It was a slap of reality, I was not superhuman even if I was doing my best to be the supermom. I was supporting and looking after everyone else except myself, and I am supposed to be the expert ! I mean I have been educating myself for the last 15 years on all topics women’s health, fitness, and mindset. I realised by not putting myself as a priority everything else around me would fall apart. I am now on a mission to help women between the ages of 35 to 45 to achieve their goals and dreams without burn out, and free of guilt through working SMARTER NOT HARDER. To stop feeling guilty and get long term results from small CONSISTENT actions. Find YOUR happy place in their YOUR life, focusing on food that nourishes and energises YOU. Movement such as strength training that will help build a healthy strong metabolism and body with the time you have. Working with your body, not against as once I did. We are not men so working out like a man, and eating rice and chicken all day counting calories is not the path to a healthier, happier fitter you. I am so excited to grow my tribe of amazing women looking to live their best life making small incremental changes to get life long results.

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Also, exciting announcement from Michelle: I have a 4 week Cycle syncing course-Align & Thrive starting May 2nd. Founding members price of £199 which will go up a lot on round 2 but wanted to do a special on this round with 2 bonus’s too:



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