Are Processes A Waste Of Time If It Is Just You?

Charlotte Lester | Burnout Slayer
2 min readMar 31, 2021


Hello, welcome to another episode of What Would Charlotte do, and today I am answering a question that I’ve seen someone ask online, and that is Are Processes A Waste Of Time If It Is Just You?

Absolutely not.

Now, this is something that I’ve seen other people say as well. Is that you don’t need processes when it’s just you. And that’s so not true processes should be part of your business foundations. The idea around processes is not just to have processes when you have a team, but to have processes in order to make your life easier!

Having processes in place when it’s just you, is as beneficial as having processes in place if it was with a team of 200.

And the reasoning behind that is with processes, it reduces the overwhelm and you are bottleneck yourself from your business, you are able to stay consistent. And overall, you are able to see exactly what your business is doing. When you don’t know.

So for instance you’re following our strategy. When you don’t know the process that goes into that strategy, or you don’t follow a set process for that strategy, every time, you carry out that task. You’re not going to have any idea if that strategy works for you. And the reason behind that is, you haven’t given it enough time consistently to ingrain into your business.

So, how on earth are you going to scale.

There are so many reasons why I really disagree that you don’t need processes if it’s just you, but I hope that has answered your question, I hope that’s helped and given you some food for thought really around the fact that a lot of people are applying the same. So, Why are they, why are we about the processes, it’s fine. No worry about the processes, because if you have processes in place, trust me, your business is going to scout, a lot sooner than Moloch would without processes. Now that sounds great, right?

I hope it has helped answer Are Processes A Waste Of Time If It Is Just You?

Until next time, if you have any questions pop me a message and I will try and answer it for you.



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